Sarah Geikie Dressage

An Educated Approach to Your Success

Training with Sarah

Sarah has the unique ability to combine her eye as an FEI Dressage Judge and thirty years experience training horses and riders to the FEI levels. She is able to quickly assess each horse and rider combination’s needs and develop an individualized training program to successfully meet their goals.

"Anything forced cannot be beautiful"...  (Xenophon)

Sarah's approach emphasizes educating both horse and rider on the training fundamentals.  Developing the riders' correct seat, balance, and aids are a necessary prerequisite for effective communication with the horse. They are likewise fundamental to training.

She trains with logical steps in sequence so that both horse and rider understand what they are doing,  and most importantly, how to do it in a relaxed, positive way. She teaches riders to understand why these steps matter and how to use them creatively when they ride on their own. This approach develops feel in the rider and sensitivity in the horse.

From her own training experience, Sarah knows that knowledge builds confidence.  This empowers both horse and rider.

"Art ends where violence begins"... (Anonymous)

Sarah's mission is to cultivate the knowledge, skills, freedom, and confidence of riders who are eager to learn and who enjoy the process of learning together with their horse.

Her goal is to produce correctly trained, educated horses and riders with methods free of coercion or force.  She firmly believes that with this approach, any horse of sound mind and body can be trained to an advanced level.

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